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Vitiligo is a serious health problem in some people these days. It is a condition that can cause depigmentation of several parts of the human skin. This situation occurs when the skin pigment cells die very quickly. There are many factors that can cause this health problem.

It is important to treat this health problem immediately. When this situation is not treated well, it can reduce the overall beauty and appearance significantly. Because of this reason, many people want to meet their doctors when they are suffering from this skin disorder. There are some useful methods that can be used to treat this problem.

Types of Vitiligo

There are two main types of vitiligo these days. They are segmental and non-segmental vitiligo. Here are some important things about both vitiligo types.

a. Segmental vitiligo

When this situation occurs, the white patches only affect one part of the human body. It is localized in certain body areas. Because of this reason, this situation is also called as the segmental or localized vitiligo. This situation tends to occur in children rather than adults.

b. Non-segmental vitiligo

When the white patches occur on several body parts, such as arms, eyes, knees, elbows, feet, hands, and many other places, they may suffer from non-segmental vitiligo. It is considered as the most common vitiligo type. It affect 90 percent people with vitiligo condition.

Vitiligo Causes

When people want to treat this situation, they also need to know some vitiligo causes. They are some common factors that can increase the risk of getting vitiligo in the future. Here are some reasons why people may suffer from this health problem.

a. Improper neurochemicals

This is the first reason why people may suffer from vitiligo. This factor usually causes the segmental vitiligo. It is a type of disease that may be suffered by many people these days. It is caused by the production of improper chemicals on the nerve endings. These chemicals are harmful and poisonous for the melanocyte skin cells. This situation can occur because of the improper nerve system.

b. Autoimmunne condition

This factor can cause non-segmental vitiligo. It is considered as one of the most common types of vitiligo. This autoimmune condition occurs when the immune system does not properly. In this situation, the human immune system can attack some healthy skin cells and tissues. As the result, this situation can destroy some melanocyte skin cells immediately.

c. Genetic disorder

This is another common factor that can cause vitiligo. It is a hereditary disease that can be obtained from the parents. Because of this reason, this health issue is also called as the genetic disorder. This factor plays an important role in affecting people who have segmental vitiligo.

d. Skin damage

Some people suffer from vitiligo because of this factor. Vitiligo can be caused by certain skin damages, such as severe cuts or severe sunburn. This situation is also known as the Koebner response. This situation can be treated well by professional dermatologists. Therefore, all patients don’t have to worry about this situation.

e. Chemical exposure

Some experts believe that vitiligo can be caused by this problem. When people are exposed to some chemicals on their skin, they are going to lose some of their healthy skin cells. As the result, they can lose their ability to produce healthy skin cells in the future. When this situation occurs, it can lead to the development of vitiligo.

Vitiligo Symptoms

When people are suffering from vitiligo, they should monitor their overall health properly. They should take a look at some vitiligo symptoms that are very common in most cases. It is very common to notice the combination of several symptoms at the same time. Here are some common symptoms of this condition. Many people are suffering from some of these symptoms in their daily life, especially when they are suffering from vitiligo.

a. Skin discoloration

This is the most common symptom of vitiligo. Most vitiligo patients usually suffer from skin discoloration in their daily life. They may lose some pigments on their skin. This skin discoloration occurs because the vitiligo can destroy some healthy pigments and skin cells. This condition can lead to the development of some white patches on the skin.

b. Premature hair graying

Some people are suffering from this situation when they have vitiligo. They may have premature graying or whitening on their hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, and even beard. This situation usually occurs in people who are about 35 – 40 years old. This grey hair problem can occur because the hair pigment cells are destroyed by vitiligo.

c. White patches on mouth and nose

This is another symptom that may occur in many patients these days. Many people have white patches on their mouth and nose. Some white patches can occur on the mucous membranes, especially when the vitiligo develops to the severe stage. It is very easy to notice some of these patches on the mucous membranes.

d. Color change on the eyes

Vitiligo can also attack the human eyes. As the result, many people are can notice color changes on their eyes. They can see some color changes on the inner layer of their eyeballs. This situation can be dangerous for most people. When this situation is not treated well, it can lead to many other eye problems.

e. Discolored patches on many other body parts

It is one of the most common vitiligo symptoms on many people. When this health problem occurs, it can cause discolored patches on many body parts, such as genitals, navel, armpits, rectum, and many other body parts. This situation occurs when the vitiligo develops to the latter stages.

They are some important and necessary details about vitiligo. It is also important to meet a professional dermatologist. Good skin doctors usually know how to treat this skin discoloration problem easily. They are able to recommend some good methods for treating this skin discoloration problem. Some doctors claim that there is no cure for vitiligo. However, people can still slow down or stop the development of vitiligo quickly. There are some medications that are created to stop the vitiligo development effectively.

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