Vitiligo Home Treatment

Curing Vitiligo Through Home Treatments and Diet

vitiligo While searching for the methods for effective vitiligo cure you must know some basic things about this problem. In fact Vitiligo is a continuously long term skin problem which develops white colored patches on the skin due to its de-pigmentation. These patches are normally found only on specific parts of skin.

Reasons of vitiligo

Lack or absence of skin cells known as melanocytes, responsible to produce pigmentation or melanin on the skin, is the main reason of the appearance of white colored patches known as vitiligo. These cells not only give the color to the skin but also protect it from the UV rays of the sun. Disorder in the immune system, stressful events, genetic imbalance in oxidative stress, exposure to certain chemicals, a critical sunburn or cut, neural or viral causes are also considered as some of the reasons of this skin problem as they can damage the melanocytes in the skin. People can not get it from other persons as it is not a transmittable disease.

Extent of the effect of vitiligo

The extent of the effect of this skin problem on ones skin can not be predicted. In most of the cases the affected area continues to remain as it is life long. Instead of reduction there are great chances of extension of these patches with the passage of time.

Signs and symptoms of vitiligo

Signs and symptoms of vitiligo considerably vary with every individual person. People with dark colored or tanned skin can observe this problem more easily. These white patches can develop to larger ones in some people and cover larger area whereas they may remain as it is or reduce with passage of time in some cases. Thus vitiligo does not show a uniform effect.

Cure for vitiligo


No particular vitiligo cure is know till today but some vitiligo home treatments are used by alternatif sbobet affected people to reduce the appearance of white patches on their skin. Brief information about some of the effective vitiligo home treatments is provided here under for your reference.

Psoralea seeds: The best and most time tested home treatment for vitiligo is taking one gram powder of Psoralean seeds soaked for three days in juice of ginger with milk every day. The application of grounded seeds on the white patches of your skin can also help in reducing them. It can effectively restore the color of your skin by replicating the tanning effect of the sun.

Avoid stress: Avoiding any type of stress, physical and mental, can also be an effective vitiligo cure as stress disturbs the formation of skin cells responsible for its color and helps in growth of vitiligo. Changes in lifestyle and involvement in creative works can help in reducing the effect of stresses.

Lime juice and basil leaves: Anti-viral and anti-aging properties of basil can be beneficial for your skin problem. The production of melanin in your skin can be improved by applying the paste of basil leaves mixed in lime juice several times in a day on its white patches.

Radish seeds: Another most effective vitiligo home treatment is the application of the paste of radish seeds, soaked overnight in small amount of vinegar and a little white arsenic, on the white spots.

Copper treated water: Another effective cure of vitiligo is to drink water stored overnight in a copper utensil after awaking in the morning. It will help in promoting the production of melanocytes along with toning the skin of the effected person.

Red clay: Red clay derived from the river beds can help in pigmentation of vitiligo affected skin as it contains enough amount of copper in it. It can help in pigmentation hen applied on white spots after mixing with ginger juice, to increase blood flow in the skin.

Babchi seeds: One of the best vitiligo home treatments is the application of the paste of shelled and dried seeds of babchi in combination with tamarind seeds, soaked in water for three to four days, on the white patches. You should discontinue it if it causes itching or redness on white spots.

Turmeric: Another effective home cure for vitiligo is the application of turmeric mixed with mustard oil on the white spots of vitiligo.

Ginkgo biloba: The 40 mg dose of ginkgo biloba can also restrain the growth of vitiligo and encourage the re-pigmentation of the skin effectively, if taken thrice a day.

Figs: Eating lots of raw figs can also be an effective vitiligo home treatment as it purifies and improves the circulation of blood. The paste of roasted figs with water can also be applied on white patches to reduce their extension.

Vitiligo treatment through diet

Vitiligo can also be cured effectively by making some change in daily diet. Some of the recommendations about vitiligo diet are given here under for your consideration.

Food items to be avoided

You should avoid the food items listed here under to manage your vitiligo diet effectively.

You should avoid gooseberry, orange, guava, custard apple, cashew nuts, prunes, melon and water melon in fruits; red sorrel, brinjal, papaya, parsley, tomato, lemon, garlic and tamarind in vegetables; milk, buttermilk and curd in milk products and red meat, beef and fish in non-vegetarian foods. Some other food items including chocolates, junk food, soda bicarb, coffee, oily and spicy food items like pickles and carbonated drinks are also recommended to avoid, for curing vitiligo effectively.

Food items to be consumed

The food items recommended to be consumed by vitiligo affected people may include the following foods in their vitiligo diet.

You should include beet root, radish, French beans, carrot, fenugreek, ridge and bitter gourd, onion, drumsticks and spinach in vegetables; grapes, mangoes, apricot, walnut, papaya and dates in fruits; and pure ghee, wheat, Bengal gram, red pepper, pistachio nut, jaggery, chilies, almond and potatoes in other food items in your routine diet.

Thus vitiligo cure can be made effective by using various vitiligo home treatments and making recommended dietary changes in your vitiligo diet. They will help in increasing blood flow along with encouraging the growth of melanocytes in your skin to make its re-pigmentation fast.

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